A pair of néoclassical sides cabinets, in burr-amboina, rosewood, amaranth and boxwood parquetry.

They open to a drawer.

The front legs are joined by two shelves.

They stand on four tapering fluted legs.

Ormoulu ornementation such as friezes, keyholes and sabots.

Spain brocatella marble top.

These elegant sides cabinets exemplify the understated, sober style of the 1780’s promoted by marchands merciers such as Dominique Daguerre, and witch found it’s perfect expression in the œuvre of Adam Weisweiler.

Period : end of the XVIII° century

Provenance : Dubonnet Collection

Attributed : to Adam Weisweiler, Master in 1778

Sizes :

H.              83 cm.               32 ½ in.

W.             57 cm.               22 ½ in.

D.             32 cm.               12 ½ in.